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Not just Rogue Classicism is sceptical. See : \"What arogteclohisas can find, is evidence that a Persian army got into trouble; but stating that the finds belonged to a particular expedition is introducing a secundum quid. I think we must be suspicious.\" Quite so.
Lembayung @ Aug 26, 2013
50,000? Am I the only one questioning the liicstogs involved? -It seems that ancient military historians tended to exaggerate the figures systematically. 5000 is probably more reasonable, I guess. But now that they have been found (apparently) we can always count the bodies, I guess. Judith: good point. There\'s a lot of limelight love these days in science: trying to capture media attention with a good story (and we must admit this is a good one) is a too common \"marketing\" tactic for scientists in search of funding and academic honors. However it seems that the Castiglioni brothers were in search of that particular expedition, so at least the findings and the premises are consistent. But let\'s see how many bodies are there: it may be a mere patrol of half a dozen or so for what we know now.
Rachel @ Aug 25, 2013
Alhaqq ke dorost goftid ! Fars haye maqable tarikh !! ajab pishrafte boodand? khaharashoono kheyli dooooooooost dashtand !! Khale, amme,khahar va madar hame doost dashtani boodan,hahahaha
Hossein @ Jan 14, 2011