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crorkz matz @ Aug 6, 2014
TUVVqu Enjoyed every bit of your article post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.
matzcrorkz @ Aug 6, 2014
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Carla @ Sep 6, 2013
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Laaryh @ Aug 27, 2013
First of all, my first objective was aolmpcished. It was to gerate some polemics here.But, maybe the content went down the river. When I read that \"You might want to rethink what you are trying to say here.\", \"Most people will read this as a \"chickens coming home to roost\" comment. And I have to say, it\'s hard to read it in any other sort of way.\"and \"And right now you are something of an elephant in a porcelain shop.\" and \"Conservative Swede is right. If you want to rant about that issue, do it somewhere else.\" I start thinking twice wether it wasn\'t a better idea to be quiet.The phrase in question is: \"Jews are not especial for being Jews, and I firmly believe that if Chinese people did what the Jews have done, they would met an Hitler and an Arafat as well.\"And it may not have been a good cathing phrase. I want to state clear is that I meant that if any other people were to be found in that situations, they would have had the same treatment. Both in Nazi Germany and Palestine. And as so, I would like you to see this question as not \"discrimination against evil Jews\" but that Jews are a people with \"a great lack of luck\".I will not adress to this any longer. Armance puts his words in a better way than I could ever put mine words:\"The problem is the following: that a day should come when we will be allowed to publish a text like that - including in the MSM - about any European country. A day when people will consider a natural fact to write an ode of admiration for Portugal or Poland or Italy or Greece or Russia, etc. and their right to exist as countries with an ethnic or religious majority, without being labeled fascists, Nazis, nationalistic and so on. For example: Happy Birthday to Greece on their anniversary! Greece, I celebrate your right to exist and to defend your identity in spite of everything!\" The thing is, I think most Europeans know the 4th July but do not know the day their country was born.I only know my \"modern\" Portugal to have been born in 1143. More than that I can not tell... Spain, also. 1492, the rest...Maybe I wanted to spoke his words. Thank you Armance.\"Exactly which country has declared it will push Portugal, Poland, Italy, etc., into the sea? What group of nations calls for the annihilation of these states?\"The European Union as well as our dear leaders and, to a lesser extent, even the United Nations.Have you noticed that Israel had great and close ties to the Nazi regime of Apartheid\'s South Africa?It had that ethnic base, and was ready to Nuke half of Africa if it needed to, just like Israel is ready to nuke half of the Middle East. Now, we in Europe (and Americas and Oceania, etc...)\"Do Poland, Portugal, Greece, et al, have universal conscription of its young people in order to maintain a defense force against nations which have invaded it in the past?\"No, we are being invaded \"peacfully\". Can you please tell me how isn\'t English London dead? \"By the way, are Greek churches, Polish churches, etc., in other countries vandalized, bombed, or otherwise invaded?\"Polish, I don\'t know. But if you go over to Northern Cyprus you will see it happen to Greek ones. The same if there are still any in Turkey. AND I WILL NOT EVEN MENTION THE SERBS IN KOSOVO OR BOSNIA!I am more, much more, with the Serbians than with the Jews. The Serbs have been there, no metter what. They have been poor and honoured. The Jews have their state given. Now, they will (are) have to fight for it as the Serbs have been done for ages. My country was independent in 1143 and we only had piece with the moors in 1249, with fellow Christian kingdoms, a stable peace came only in 1348. I am with Israel, but I reckon that Peace will be dificult for them. I am not going there to fight for them. Are anyone here available? If they are expecting to have peace, they better go to the United States because it simply ain\'t gonna happen. Muslims are everywhere there. And you know, a land that was once muslim, is muslim for ever.\"Don\'t understand the massive preoccupation a lot of people have with Jews, anyway.\" And neither do I... http://ervubwta.com [url=http://qzsmhwgnxn.com]qzsmhwgnxn[/url] [link=http://ztmmhpmxs.com]ztmmhpmxs[/link]
Kelle @ Aug 27, 2013
Not just Rogue Classicism is sceptical. See : \"What arogteclohisas can find, is evidence that a Persian army got into trouble; but stating that the finds belonged to a particular expedition is introducing a secundum quid. I think we must be suspicious.\" Quite so.
Lembayung @ Aug 26, 2013
50,000? Am I the only one questioning the liicstogs involved? -It seems that ancient military historians tended to exaggerate the figures systematically. 5000 is probably more reasonable, I guess. But now that they have been found (apparently) we can always count the bodies, I guess. Judith: good point. There\'s a lot of limelight love these days in science: trying to capture media attention with a good story (and we must admit this is a good one) is a too common \"marketing\" tactic for scientists in search of funding and academic honors. However it seems that the Castiglioni brothers were in search of that particular expedition, so at least the findings and the premises are consistent. But let\'s see how many bodies are there: it may be a mere patrol of half a dozen or so for what we know now.
Rachel @ Aug 25, 2013
Alhaqq ke dorost goftid ! Fars haye maqable tarikh !! ajab pishrafte boodand? khaharashoono kheyli dooooooooost dashtand !! Khale, amme,khahar va madar hame doost dashtani boodan,hahahaha
Hossein @ Jan 14, 2011